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From the heart

Our mission is to provide safe, affordable, legal, teeth-cleaning products for people to use at home.

Our journey started as all revolutions do: with frustration, disappointment, and a healthy dose of anger at dental fees and we felt like something could be done.

We made it our duty to connect and collaborate with dental professionals, research and test effectiveness. We did our homework in order to exist in harmony with laws designed to protect consumers. Future Smile Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner™, officially tested for safety and registered with the European Cosmetics Register, is what we built. In just our first month of operating, we were inundated with positive feedback and website traffic through the roof!

This only affirmed our values. We promise:

Transparency. R.I.P. to rip-offs—we do exactly what we say we’re going to do. We wish that wasn’t such a novel idea either, but it is!

Autonomy. Bad oral health is your problem. So you deserve to be in charge of the solution.

Our vision is a global community of people empowered by Future Smile® and equally confident in their own smiles.

Healthier teeth are not all we make shine. Our love and passion for what we do shines through, too. We’re proud of our brand and the recognition it’s gained. 

Our main priority is YOU, our customers.

Invest in your best smile here.

From everyone at team Future Smile®